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Bots optimized for prop accounts trading:

> GPT1000 prop BOT

>> GPT1500 prop BOT

>>> GPT2k prop BOT

These bots are available here www.zoominprofit.com

You'll learn thoroughly the concept behind this program. Best of all, it's automated for full implementation of your choices of three prop accounts (evaluation, or funded, or a mix). You'll show you how the automated program stacks up the three accounts on a rotation execution to reduce the impact of drawdown.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

You'll receive your files via email with specific instructions. Our systems are Plug & Play, so installation is really really simple (less than 5 minutes):

1) Save files to computer.
2) Go to NT dashboard Tools and click Import, and navigate to folder where you saved the ZIP file.
3) Load chart, such as NQ (or MNQ) with specified bar type.
4) Right-click on the chart and select strategy.
5) Click enable. That's it!

The only challenge is if your Ninjatrader is set to a time zone different from New York time. Then you need to adjust the hours in the strategy settings to correspond your time zone. It's easier when you change your computer or vps time to New York.

Full support in the Discord channel as well as Teamviewer remote assistance.

How did we get here?

ZoominProfit is a collective of expert algos and a network of traders who meet in the Discord seeking to achieve financial freedom through collaboration with TPGuide: Target Profit Guide.


Is this beginner friendly?

The algos for the GPT series are very user friendly. New, Intermediate, and Advanced traders use our algos daily and eager to provide mutual support in the Discord channel.

What's the difference between this site and your other sites?

European customers benefit from our partnership outside of the US for better pricing. Customers from any countries can also take advantage of this lower price by paying in Euros (IBAN, Wise.com, Crypto payment).